Covid 19 Response

Our Response to Covid 19

We at Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre want you to be informed about our current state of affairs during the novel coronavirus pandemic.  First, the health and well-being of your family members are, and will remain, our top priority.

Second, we have implemented an aggressive response to care and protect residents and staff from COVID-19.  Our leadership is in close, frequent contact with state and local public health departments and resources from the CDC to stay up to date on how to prevent and manage the spread of this illness.

These reinforced infection prevention and control measures have altered the normal operations at Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre.  We are restricting all visitors except for those whose loved one is at the end of life.  We are screening all employees at the entrance of the building for any symptoms that may be suspicious for COVID-19.

The facility is prompting staff and teaching residents CDC endorsed handwashing and hand hygiene routines, proper respiratory etiquette and the importance of social (physical) distancing.

Our social services and activity staff are encouraging fun and stimulating recreation options for the residents since we are obliged to postpone outings, group activities and group dining.

It’s important to us to minimize the impact of the current situation on our residents and we understand that connecting with family members is incredibly important to them. Our staff can help connect you using FaceTime, Skype or through telephone.

We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.  Please view our current COVID-19 related statistics below.

As always, we will contact you promptly if your loved one has a change in condition, including symptoms that may indicate potential COVID-19 infection. 

With patience, infection control and kindness Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre will be a part of defeating COVID-19. Thank you for trusting us with the significant responsibility of keeping your family and loved ones safe. 

For more information on your specific family member, please contact 626-289-4439 or

*In cooperation with local, state and federal public health departments, Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre will test all residents and staff members for COVID-19 as recommended. All COVID-19 tests performed at Ivy Creek Healthcare & Wellness Centre are through a lab approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

COVID-19 Visitation Information

Visitation is now allowed for most Residents who are not actively fighting an infection.  It is recommended that each visitor have a COVID-19 test, rapid or PCR, during the 48 hours before visit.  If you cannot arrange a test, please let us know for possible testing at the center. Vaccination of visitor and/or resident will determine  activities permitted during visitation. All visitors must adhere to infection prevention practices by wearing a face mask, keeping six feet or more physical distance from others and performing hand hygiene before and after the visit. Visitors will need to remain in the designated visitor locations which will be reviewed at the time of the visit.  Visitors are prohibited from walking freely throughout the center. You will be told if you require other personal protective equipment when you arrive.